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  • 4 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner: Mini vacuum cleaner is equipped with a variety of accessories that can meet the blowing, vacuuming variety of scenarios for use. It can not only blow away trash and dust from computer keyboards, cars, etc, but also as a mini vacuum cleaner to clean up residual trash or hair from desk, floors, hair etc. Children can use it as a vacuum bug trap. Whether daily cleaning or on outdoor trips, it meets all your cleaning requirements.
  • High-Tech Cleaning Material: Car cleaning gel are perfect for cleaning the nooks and crannies in your auto, press the car cleaner slightly on the dust surface and pull out the car detailing tools slowly the dirt would be carried away. Automotive putty is also useful for home and office, PC computer keyboard cleaner and other rugged surface such as printer, cell phone, calculator, TV remote and furniture.
  • 16000 PA Portable Vacuum for Car: This cordless car vacuum cleaner features an upgraded high-speed brushless motor, powerful suction up to 16000PA instantly removes all dust and dirt in the car, lifespan of up to 5 years, efficiency improved by 3 times, and power consumption only 1/3 of traditional motors. There are two adjustable suction modes: 10000PA /16000PA that could works as a BBQ fan and Swimming ring inflator.
  • Car Vacuum Rechargeable: This mini car vacuum has a built-in 4000mAh rechargeable battery, ultra-high capacity can provide max 20 min of continuous cleaning power after 4 hours full charging. Portable car vacuum cleaner with 0.1L large capacity dustbin, press the button to open the dustbin, do not need to disassemble greatly saving time and the reusable HEPA double filter is washable and air-dried, and bring you a joyful cleaning experience.
  • Gifts for Car Lovers: The car vacuum cleaner cleaner is not only great for cleaning the interior of cars, trucks, SUVs and RVs, but also for cleaning your home or office. This car vacuum portable cordless features an exquisite compact packaging design, which lets you pack all the part in one bag case, making it an ideal gift for family, friends, or car enthusiasts. Don’t hesitate to surprise your loved one!



Model  Name:PVC02


Special Feature:6Kpa Suction Power, 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner, One-Click Dust Removal, Cordless Rechargeable, Dual Suction Mode

Filter Type:HEPA_filter and Metal Filter Mesh Hybrid

Included:Portable Vacuum, Car cleaning Gel, Floor Nozzle, Long Suction


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Car Vacuum Portable Cordless 16000Pa Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Car, Low Noise Hand Vacuum Cordless Rechargeable, with Cleaning Gel for Car Detailing Keyboard Cleaner Home Cleaning


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Car Vacuum
Car Vacuum
Car Vacuum Portable Cordless
Car Vacuum

What is the startup process for the car vacuum cleaner and why doesn’t it start immediately when the switch is pressed?

     The car vacuum cleaner may not start right away when you press the switch. This is due to a safety feature in our product design. To avoid accidental activation while driving, you must press and hold the switch for at least 3 seconds to turn it on.

Why does a car vacuum cleaner have strong airflow behind it when vacuuming?

     We understand your concerns about the strong airflow at the back of the vacuum cleaner when it sucks. Let us explain the design principle. Our vacuum cleaner can both blow and suck, making car cleaning tasks easier and more efficient.

Car Vacuum Cleaner Charging Precautions?

   The battery life is generally between 18 minutes and 20 minutes, and the charging time is about 4 hours (after each use, please be sure to charge it in time to ensure that the device is fully charged the next time you use it.


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